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Inter-car communication is coming

Cloud-based innovation empowers vehicles to trade different oss transformation information. It lets vehicles telecast their position, pace, directing wheel position, brake status, and other in Read more

Supercookies Are Back In Force Giving Rise To Privacy Threats

A recent study has warned about the high use of Super-cookies by mobile carriers which may create privacy issues as most of the confidential data shared between subscriber and telecom managed services company also goes to advertising companies. At least nine telecom giants around the world are using Read more

Companies plan future

Companies still have more and more future for their activities. They use managed services, mobile network inventory, managed services telecom. Employees can find some topics and solutions as well as they can be properly coming there. Companies have to work hard and do not resign from any abilities. Read more

Rethinking Network Packet Capture in an IoT World

Network professionals today face an unprecedented influx of data from billions of connected devices and sensors. Experts estimate that, due to the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), ther Read more

Digitalization and computerizations is used by the people

Digital services have been offered for a few years, they are a brand new phenomenon but highly acceptable and helpful in development of each company. They are useful and give some best quality to each user. They are good and convenient but must be prepared for all of the events in the market. Comput Read more

Why Linux Is More Secured Than Any Other OS

Linux is an open source operating system where everyone can read the entire codes but still it is considered more secure as compared to the other operating systems. To throw more light o Read more